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Pathways Palliative Care Program provides case management support and services to Independent Health Medicare Advantage and most Senior Blue and BlueCross BlueShield WNY* members  faced with serious and progressive illness. Individuals may also choose to pay privately for Pathways services. Improved quality of life is our number one goal. Make a secure on-line referral now to the Pathways Palliative Care Program

* Some BCBS WNY groups may be excluded

Palliative Care

Individuals with a serious illness or health problem may benefit from palliative care. Palliative care is the total care of individuals with serious, often chronic illness. It emphasizes relief from pain and other distressing symptoms, integrates the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of patient care. Care is provided by an interdisciplinary team to patients living with a chronic, often progressive illness and their families.

The palliative care team works in partnership with the patient's physician to coordinate and case manage care at no additional costs to eligible patients. Palliative care does not replace primary treatment; it works together with the primary treatment individuals may be receiving to address their disease or illness. It can be provided at the same time as curative treatment. The goal is to prevent and ease suffering, and improve quality of life. care from Pathways can ease symptoms and assist in dealing with:


The Pathways program can also help with:

The Pathways palliative care program provides a team approach to patient-centered care. Our team members recognize and understand that knowing who the patient is and what their wishes are help improve the care we can provide to ease pain and other symptoms, as well as emotional suffering and stress.

Pathways services from experts in the field provide relief from distressing symptoms and can also help patients deal with side effects of medical treatments.


Pathways Eligibility Requirements

Any Independent Health Medicare Advantage or qualified BlueCross BlueShield WNY member* facing serious, progressive illness including, but not limited to the following conditions may be eligible. Individuals may also choose to pay privately for Pathways services.

*Eligibility will be determined on referral. Private-pay option is also available to qualified individuals.

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